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Common Good Coffee exists to support the work of Joyya - sparking good in places of extreme poverty and modern slavery. For every kg of coffee sold, we donate $5 to Joyya. Since we launched, over $300,000 has been raised - all thanks to your coffee drinking!

Check out Joyya's Impact Report here.

We're the crew behind Addington Coffee Co-op in Christchurch, Crave and Kind Cafes in Auckland, and the Common Ground Coffee pop up in Whanganui.
We've partnered for good, because we reckon that we’re better working together, and that alongside you, we can unite to make a positive difference in our wider world, (and drink amazing coffee along the way!)

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We exist to redistribute funds to spark good in neighbourhoods where it’s really needed.
Through our partners at Joyya, we're starting with four neighbourhoods in India where extreme poverty, human trafficking, and the constant degradation of people and places means good isn’t as common as it should be.

We're about epic sustainable sourcing of coffee.
Supporting farmers and their communities through fair trade organic supply chains.

We live and breathe excellence.
High quality, full flavour, freshly roasted coffee delivered to you throughout Aotearoa.

Three times as good as regular coffee.


The foundations of our communities are people and places, and Kolkata is the place at the genesis of our journey over 15 years ago.
Today, through our partners at Joyya, Common Good Coffee contributes a significant chunk of its profits towards postive change in four communities in Kolkata, India.

The beauty of these neighbourhoods isn't always obvious to people at first sight. They’re not everyone’s ideal location. But beneath the surface there are vibrant, friendly and welcoming communities. People look after each other, share houses and food, and celebrate whenever they can.

Like any place, they’ve got their share of issues. Poverty has taken its toll and some of the issues facing these communities are pretty tough and the resources required are hard to come by. Even though people are committed to working towards a future they want, a bit of a helping hand every now and then is appreciated.

People have shared dreams of what would be good for their community. Things like better drinking water, toilets that provide privacy from onlookers, gas cookers to replace mud fires, good education for their children (and themselves).

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Behind every coffee is a community of coffee growers striving to produce both the best quality coffees they can, and a better future for their families.
Our Fairtrade supply chain ensures that coffee growers get paid what they deserve, not just what the market dictates.

Fairtrade premiums go towards improved production processes as well as social services such as improving healthcare and educational opportunities.
Discover coffee origin stories over at our news section.

Recently voted the most beautiful small city in Aotearoa, Whanganui is nourished and sustained by te awa tupua, the Whanganui River. Whanganui is filled with a vibrant mix of people from different backgrounds.
We're still pretty new on the scene, but over the past few years have connected with heaps of creative, enterprising, and community-minded people from across the city.
Through those connections, we've helped more good stuff to kick off and flourish, including a celebrated social-enterprise coffee bar – the Common Ground Popup. We're keen to see more good stuff flow from this place.

Crave cafe is owned by a collective, a neighbourhood ‘whanaungatanga' if you will.
Some years ago, a few of us got together and decided we wanted to make Morningside a better place to live. We asked the locals what the neighbourhood needed most and addressing social poverty was top of the list.

So we chipped in and started Crave where all of our profit goes towards the community - now we all get to live and work in the best of places. Seems like a good time to us.

In 2008, we began Addington Coffee Co-op to give consumers, producers and their communities a vehicle to make the changes in their lives that they wanted to see.
Our aim was to bring those worlds closer so that we could learn from one another, not only through trade and the exchange of products, but also through sharing life together and living in the same communities.

On the side, and with the support of our customers, almost $2million has been redistributed locally and globally to make good a little a more common in neighbourhoods where it is needed most.
Forming Common Good Coffee begins one of the next chapters of this journey for us. Join us!

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